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What the Critics are Saying

“An impressive body of work that takes an unflinching and often humorous look at humanity’s greatest challenges and foibles. Akers builds worlds with amazing prescience that are remarkably familiar to our up-to-the-minute sensibilities. You will be educated, you will laugh, and you will be enticed to think in a larger way about our world and the role of technology within it.”

—Dr. James D. Neill, Astrophysicist
California Institute of Technology


“A new, crisp, no-nonsense translation of this great classic on the practice of Hatha Yoga. . . . If one, like me, holds that the work of the translator is to be as discreet as possible, then this very faithful translation is probably the best available. . . . The publisher,, also produces a version of the Gheranda Samhita, and, I am told, is working on the Shiva Samhita. Serious Yoga students watch out—these are serious translations of serious classics.”

—Christophe Mouze
Online Yoga Magazine


“This lively and lucid translation includes the original Sanskrit. It is a must-have for any serious student or teacher.”

Yoga Site


“Closest thing to a ‘source code’ that we have . . . the Hatha Yoga teachings found in popular works, including B. K. S. Iyengar’s celebrated Light on Yoga, are in no small part based on Svatmarama’s text. . . . Brian Dana Akers brings us a new translation set with the English following the Sanskrit verse by verse. His style is straightforward, clear, and elegant. . . . the people at are to be complimented for bringing this text to the general public and for doing so in a most attractive manner. This is the book you want after you have finished with the popular texts.”

—Dennis Littrell


“Beautifully printed and translated. Wonderful pictures, too.”

—Dominik Wujastyk


“There is a certain magic at work here—it is as if an Indian yogi named Svatmarama has projected himself through time, expressing himself through Akers. . . . Part of the charm of Akers’s translation is that he breathes life into the ancient text by retaining its esoteric barriers and anachronisms, while at the same time clearly and simply presenting useful postures for students of Yoga. The book is well illustrated with photographs that depict a model demonstrating the postures. The Hatha Yoga Pradipika is a must for serious students of Yoga, and for those of us not so serious, it is informative and entertainingly readable.”

—Michael Perkins
Woodstock Times


“Ably translated into English by Brian Dana Akers, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika is the classic source book on Hatha Yoga. . . . This faithful reproduction of the crucial text features the original Sanskrit side-by-side with the exacting English translation. . . . an impressive and highly recommended reference for students and devoted practitioners of Hatha Yoga.”

Midwest Book Review


“Written over five hundred years ago by Svatmarama, an Indian yogi, the text is considered by many a seminal work on the practice of, and theory behind, Hatha Yoga.”

—Chris Meehan
Kalamazoo Gazette


“Accurate and accompanied by clear pictures, this translation of an informative Sanskrit text is a very useful addition to the growing literature on Yoga in Western languages.”

—Ashok Aklujkar
University of British Columbia


“Brian Dana Akers has a field day at the shopping mall . . . clever . . . probably wins the prize for most innovative rearrangement of the anthology’s title.”

—Donna Scanlon


“‘Death Looked Down’ by Brian Dana Akers contains a great deal of intelligent, well-crafted writing and wonderful storytelling . . . This is a panoramic tale of a Hindu holy man seeking to unbind himself from a temple to which he has been strangely attached, incarnation after incarnation, for centuries. We see an epic panorama of ecological dissolution and cultural disaster all around him . . .”

—Eliot Fintushel


“We see Calcutta as we may never have seen it . . . The setting comes alive . . .”

—Kurt R. A. Giambastiani


The ellipses, of course, mask vast swaths of unfavorable commentary. ;-)




What the Readers are Saying

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Here the ellipses merely separate different readers’ comments.